Xia Xia Zhang

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Born in an artistic family,  grew up as a child prodigy to an internationally recognised violinist, Xia Xia has been travelling around the world with her violin performances. From a distinguished scholar at Royal Academy of Music in London, to Doctor of Musical Arts at age 27, she has been awarded numerous prizes all over the world. She is a fairy of violin. 


Violinist Xia Xia Zhang, was educated at the Royal Academy of Music in London for the Bachelor’s degree as the only student been awarded the highest full scholarship amongst all instrumentalist all over the world in her grade, by the Principal Sir Curtis Price.

She is the Gold Medal Winner of The Global Music Awards 2017; won the Fleming/Prince of Wales Award (UK); 1st Prize winner of the Wilfried Parry International Duo Competition; the Hami-kanga Memorial Prize for outstanding violin soloist; 2nd Prize of the Canetti International string Competition; medal of the Shadt Violin Competition; 3rd Prize of the Hong Kong International Violin Competition; the Sainsbury Award, and the Allan Nesta Fugusion Award; 1st Prize and the “Best Performance Prize” of the International Romantic Music Competition in the US.

For her earlier career in China, her name had been listed in the Chinese Musician’s Dictionary for Child Prodigies (1996 Edition), when she was 9.

She has been an exclusive recording soloist for the HHFC in the UK since 2008, and also a Young Artist Associate with the Chinese Embassy in the UK, specially for performing for Emassy’s official events.

Currently, she has just earned her Doctor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music under the guidance of Prof. Kurt Sassmannshaus. The other violin teacher she studied with is Prof. Maurice Hasson from the Royal Academy of Music.